Cushen Computer Consulting - Microsoft Windows® programming

Programming for the Microsoft Windows platform is one of the primary focuses of Cushen Computer Consulting. We have experience with many different technologies and approaches on the Windows platform.

Starting with the C language and the Win32 API, continuing through Visual Basic 5 & 6, through MS Office/VBA, to the current .NET technologies, we have stayed current with the latest languages, methodologies, and best practices for developing software on Windows platforms.

From Windows 95 and NT 4, to Vista and Windows 7, we have been there, developing everything from small utilities/DOS-box applications up to n-Tier Enterprise applications using SQL Server, and everything in-between.

A few of our specialties:

Console-based utility programs
- run in a DOS-style window; e.g., file-management/synchronization or PC management programs; can easily be scheduled
Stand-alone Windows programs
- general Windows programs; can be simple utility programs, or full-blown applications that save data to files
n-Tier applications
- complex company-wide network applications; connect to a database server, easily handling thousands of simultaneous users
Microsoft Office-integrated/VBA applications
- programs that integrate with, or extend, Microsoft Office applications. We have an in-house application that takes appointment data from Outlook's Calendar, processes it, and automatically enters it into timesheets in the Quickbooks® accounting application. Another example is an application we wrote for a client which adds a "Fax" button to every contact card in Outlook. When the button is clicked, Microsoft Word automatically opens to the company Fax template, and the contact's name, phone/fax numbers, etc., are automatically placed into the appropriate locations in the Word document.
Database design/Stored Procedure programming
- We have worked extensively with Microsoft's database technologies, and competing products such as MySql. Our experience includes designing databases as components of our Windows and Web applications; writing Stored Procedures to access pre-existing databases written by our clients; and database projects, where creating the database, and/or Stored Procedures for data access, was the entire project. For years, we assisted small businesses in the creation of Access databases to automate previously paper-based processes; and we have created SQL Server back-ends. A recent SQL Server 2005 database we created served the phone number data for a "Do Not Call Registry" web application containing hundreds of millions of phone number records. The requirements for the database included returning search results to the ASP.NET web front-end in under a second after searching through the hundreds of millions of records. This required fine-tuning the column indexes and the Stored Procedures, both of which were tweaked several times to achieve the required speed and efficiency. We have also created dozens of databases which fall somewhere between those two extremes, and have been called in on several occasions specifically to write Stored Procedures to access existing databases.

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